Re-decorating should be a fun and creative process, and new technology can be used to provide a time- and money-saving service for customers.

Window curtain products can now be tried at home using virtual reality. Home furnishings specialists Terrys Fabrics have launched an innovative app with which customers can virtually see chosen blinds in their own home. The 2,000-plus variations of patterns and colours within the app, can help with how their chosen styles fit with their current home decor.

Terrys Fabrics Window Planner, which uses innovative image technology to display products, can be downloaded through the iOS app store, for buyers to input window measurements and preferences between Roman or Roller blinds, and compare the styles against their existing décor.

The app eliminates the problem of visualising how prospective interiors will look, and allows customers to virtually test many colours and styles of blinds in their current interiors, saving time and potential expense on samples.

Customers are guaranteed to make the right choice for their space, each and every time they purchase.

How it works:

Take a photo of the window and input the measurements.

Choose from the wide range of fabrics, colours and patterns to see potential blinds against your window. Select as many colours and patterns as you wish.

The app shows the chosen blind at your window, and how it looks with your existing home interior.

Once selection is made, you are directed to checkout to complete your purchase.

Paul McGuiness, Director of Terrys Fabrics says “We believe the future of home-furnishing online depends on creating a unique buying experience, and our goal is to bring ease to the experience and remove any uncertainty from purchasing blinds online.

“Our app allows users to virtually try blinds in their own home at any time of day, without need for any advisor or sales representative.”

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