Members of Salisbury Repair Café invited residents of Salisbury to take broken bits and bobs to be repaired on Saturday, November 2.

Benji Goehl, one of the co-organisers, said “We were staggered that a total of 41 residents turned up with items for repairs from radios, vacuum cleaners, lamps, clocks, jackets, sweater, broken crockery and pedal bikes. Our fantastic team of volunteers repaired 23 items and a whopping 83kg of weight of items did not go to landfill.”

“We had more than 27 amazing volunteers who either provided refreshments, registered visitors or repaired items. Advice was also provided on where to obtain spare parts that could be brought along to be used for repairs at the next repair café on Saturday, November 30, at the Quaker Meeting House, Wilton Road.

Volunteer repairers repair some broken ceramics

Jimmy Walker, co-organiser, said: “The success of Salisbury’s first Repair Café was partly due to financial support from Salisbury Area Board which provided a grant to get the café off the ground, and to the Quaker Meeting House who welcomed us with open arms and provided a venue. It was great to get involved in bike repairs and we even made one good bike from two that had problems and were pleased when the owner was able to cycle off home and walked back to take the other one too.

“We are still in need of more volunteers and if anyone knows a professional photographer who could help take photos for us at the next event, that would be great. Volunteers are already revving up sewing machines and soldering irons in anticipation of a great public turnout at the next event on the 30th November.”

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