Wiltshire Police have joined a dedicated Regional Cyber Crime Unit (RCCU), based in the South West Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU).

The Force also has two dedicated cyber teams with a focus on child sexual exploitation and fraud.

The RCCU investigate cyber dependent crime in line with the ‘4P’ plan – pursue, protect, prepare and prevent, which includes their award-winning Cyber Futures programme that diverts young and gifted individuals away from cyber crime and on to positive pathways.

The new unit supports the updated Serious and Organised Crime Strategy launched in November 2018, which helps build businesses’ and individuals’ resilience against cybercrime and ensures law enforcement agencies have the capabilities they need to tackle it.

The new Cyber Crime Units are complemented by the five-year National Cyber Security Strategy, launched in 2016 and supported by £1.9 billion of government investment.

This brings together the best from government and industry to develop new ways to strengthen defences, deter criminals and develop capabilities to respond to cyber criminality.

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