A group of Salisbury  residents feel they are banging their heads against a stone  parapet by pleading for protection to an ancient bridge, part of the old city wall.

They say the medieval Milford Mill Bridge is a Grade 1 Listed structure dating from the late 15th Century. English Heritage only awards this level of Grade to buildings and monuments officially if they are of national importance. Salisbury has 37 Grade 1 buildings and structures.

Milford Bridge is on the route from the original walled city up to Henry II’s now-derelict Clarendon Palace (Alderbury). In recent years, the bridge has suffered repeated damage from massive HGVs seeking a GPS-guided shortcut to and from the Southampton Road, the residents claim.

“Improbably large’ lorries have become wedged along Petersfinger. It is now graphically apparent that the refusal of the drivers of these vehicles to obey the clearly-signed weight restrictions is threatening the survival of our nationally important bridge. The rapidly escalating problem of drivers breaking the law is compounded by the failure of the police to enforce the restrictions,” a spokesperson said.

A petition calls for measures to be urgently implemented:

  • Vehicle weight restriction for Milford Mill Road to be cut to 3.5 tons
  • Police to enforce those weight restrictions
  • The extension of the 20 mph limit to the east of the bridge. The restriction would have the extra advantage of protecting pedestrians using the bridge
  • Placing CCTV at Milford Bridge, and physical barriers at the start of Milford Mill Road if these measures prove insufficient.


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