More than 800 Shaftesbury residents visited the dedicated pop-up shop to learn more about the draft Shaftesbury Neighbourhood Plan between August 1 and September 26.

They were able to study the proposed policies and projects and 226 responses and 473 comments are being reviewed and analysed. Where appropriate the draft plan will be amended to incorporate the feedback from the consultation exercise, the town council said.

The collation of the feedback is expected to be completed by the middle of November. Amendments will be presented to the council by the end of November for approval.

In mid-December, the proposed neighbourhood plan will be submitted to the local planning authority. A criteria check will ensure the necessary documents have been provided. After a period for publicity, the local planning authority will arrange for an independent examination. It will also organise the public referendum, subject to the plan meeting the basic conditions at the examination stage

You will find all the Shaftesbury Neighbourhood Plan related information on the dedicated website: or on Facebook:

The Neighbourhood Plan group thanked all who participated and look forward to keeping the Shaftesbury community up-to-date as the plan progresses through the next stage of its development.

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