A group from around Dorset wants public support for a modern-day pilgrimage to protest against oil drilling in Poole Harbour.

During three days, starting at Shaftesbury Town Hall on Friday, September 27 at 10am, “pilgrims” can join the walk along Dorset’s rural footpaths for as much or as little time they like. It ends at Studland on Sunday.

Shaftesbury and Purbeck Extinction Rebellion groups, with Save Our Shores Bournemouth, want to highlight the wonders of the Jurassic Coast while protesting at damage caused by fossil fuel use.

An organiser said: “We are in a climate emergency. Drilling for more oil which we cannot safely burn is absurd.

“The pilgrimage to Studland is a journey and a protest about fossil fuel extraction. Join for all or any part of the route and in a mass gathering and a ceremony near Old Harry rocks on Sunday, September 29, at 2.30pm.”

To join the walk, people can sign up on the event web page or for more information at  www.planetshaftesbury.org/pilgrimage

“The world still turns on oil,” said one of the pilgrims, “so it’s not realistic to expect its use to stop tomorrow, but we have to look to renewable sources for the long-term. Is it really viable to spend millions of pounds getting out the last drop of oil when the emphasis should now be on harnessing renewable energy for the future?,” the pilgrim asked.”

“Just as the world wakes up (again) to escalating threat of climate change, the Dorset coast and its unique marine environment is under threat from more oil exploration and extraction. This is no time to be developing more fossil fuel sites and threatening biodiversity.”

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