The Pantry Partnership in Salisbury, is opening on Wednesdays at their new production kitchen and community preparation space to sell takeaway items.

‘From The Hatch’ gives local people the opportunity to buy all sorts of takeaway food. The project supports people by giving them the chance to learn to take orders, handle cash and to get out to meet others and have the chance to volunteer, supported by others.

The Pantry Partnership is a social enterprise using surplus food to support and feed the community. Fillings for wraps and fruit for smoothies are made from surplus fruit and veg donated by local supermarkets, farmers and allotments. Customers at The Hatch can purchase delicious and nutritious food in a completely socially conscious way, knowing it is ethical, sustainable and supporting the community.

Founder and director Fiona Ollerhead, said: “We are giving people a window into how we do this as well as giving them an ethical and environmentally-friendly way to eat delicious snacks and treats. We are based in a conveniently located park, in the old bowling club, and  would love people to come and see us for a drink or snack to take out and enjoy around the park.”

The Pantry Partnership already offers a home delivery scheme, ‘A Good Helping’, an event catering scheme, ‘Too Good to Waste’, and various events such as a pop-up café on the first Friday of every month at St Thomas’s House from 10am-2pm.


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