BBC TV and radio journalist Nick Robinson reflected on his time in the media and talked about the current political events, and the entire audience in Salisbury’s Guildhall on September 11 leant forward to hear him deliver various anecdotes.

“So then Bush said: ‘Next time, cover your bald head!’”

Nick was describing an incident during his time reporting on George W Bush (Dubya, as he was affectionately and sometimes known) and a minor confrontation the two shared after Dubya was sick of Mr Robinson’s insistence on asking questions about Iraq.

The audience burst into laughter and Nick grinned like a man who had told the story 1,000 times and got 1,000 laughs. In addition to this, he spoke about the beginnings of his broadcasting ambitions and his time working with various media such as the Today programme.  Each anecdote he told painted an ever-more vivid insight into his career in broadcasting and journalism.

But the evening wasn’t just about humorous anecdotes.

“I could see in, 1987, that Europe would tear apart the Conservative Party,” he claimed. By Europe, he meant the discussion around the EEC and the EU.


He said that, while it took 39 years for him to be proved right, he was correct on a much bigger scale than even he realised, because Europe did not just split apart the Tories but the entire political scene in Britain. To some extent, it broke the social cohesion and order that is a landmark of Britain itself, something which Mr Robinson himself touched upon in the latter half of his speech.

“The Britain I know, the politics I know were what was thought to have mattered, is tragically gone.”


The event was organised by Arundells, the Edward Heath Charitable Foundation, visit

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