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By Elizabeth Kinerk

Reeve The Baker in Shaftesbury is the latest of their shops to undergo a refurbishment.

“Footfall has definitely increased,” manager Lisa Shortland said. “All of the customer feedback has been 100% positive. The shop was due a makeover anyway.

“I’ve been here 16 years, and this is our first major one.”

Asked about her favourite change, she replied: “All of it, really: it’s just so much more manageable.” Customers are now drawn in by a warm, welcoming atmosphere.  “Just the ambience, the whole look of the shop has improved,” she said.

The rest of the staff were also overwhelmingly positive about the refurbish. Anthony Nash, a sales assistant, said: “I walked in the door and thought ‘wow’. I love it. And the customers seem so cheerful when they come in.”

Karen Bacon, supervisor at the Shaftesbury bakery, said: “it’s a big transformation, and it really brought the shop up to the 21st century.”
Owner Gary Reeve himself is pleased with the refurbishment.

“We enjoy being in Shaftesbury. We feel the trade here is very strong,” said Gary, adding, “we seem to have a very loyal customer base and we’re very pleased with it.”

“People like the new look. Inevitably some will come and say they preferred it how it was. But I think the shop feels bigger. It’s bright, it’s fresh. We’re investing in the town and we hope the local people appreciate that.”

Of course, Reeve The Baker has maintained the highest level of quality with their baked goods that customers have grown to love.  “There’s very much an artisan feel to our retail baking. We’re looking at traditional breads and pastries – that’s our niche area,” Gary stressed.

For delicious baking and a warm ambience, visit Reeve The Baker on the Shaftesbury High Street.

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