Revised plans for a development at Damask Way, Warminster, were loudly opposed at an extraordinary meeting of the town’s planning advisory committee . The meeting was called to discuss reducing the original plans for 34 dwellings to 28 dwellings.

The original application had been vehemently opposed by 62 residents and the council on January 29, and 63 residents at the extraordinary meeting repeated their original concerns.

A video presentation by one resident appeared to demonstrate the existing traffic difficulties in the area, exacerbated by increased vehicle numbers. Five other residents spoke on a range of other issues, including loss of habitat and the site was not within the settlement boundary.

It was claimed that the original reasons for refusal had not been addressed or resolved in the revised plans: the site was not under consideration on the Draft Wiltshire Housing Site Allocation Plan and Revised Settlement Boundaries consulted on in September 2017: access point to the site would be disastrous: e impact on the environment would be detrimental, and a highways conflict with pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders and residents of the care home.

The council confirmed its original objections to the application. The application was to be refused on previous comments, with the addition of possible traffic and safety problems.

“The proposed development would damage the natural environment, or result in significant loss of trees with protection orders, and the natural habitat. Any decision about this application should be deferred until after the settlement boundaries have been decided,” the council said..

The plans had already been called in by the local Wiltshire unitary councillor to be heard at the Western Area Planning Committee.

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