A well-known professional golfer who had gone ‘missing’ was killed instantly when he was struck in the early hours by a train near Codford, Wiltshire – almost 15 miles from Westbury, where father of two Gary Sawyer, 48, lived.

An inquest at Salisbury, last week, was told Gary Sawyer was hit by a train in the early hours of October 28, near Codford.

The cause of his instant death was multiple traumatic injuries.

He had to be identified by finger prints. Crime has been ruled out and Wiltshire Police said: “It is not a suspicious death.

“He was reported as a missing person before he died. We were investigating and we found him.”

His distraught wife Joanna – speaking from their home – said: “it is all still very raw.”

Mrs Sawyer – who said her husband’s ‘passion’ was golf – added: “It is incredible – an absolute shock to us – a total shock.”

She did not know why it had happened. One of his ‘very bright, gifted’ daughters had just left university.

Tony Valentine – who had employed Gary at his golfing centre in Corsham for 12 years – said he was ‘one of Wiltshire’s best golfers’

Mr Valentine – who said Mr Sawyer was a member of the PGA – added: ”We are all very shocked.

“We are still waiting for the reasons why it happened. We have no idea.

“He was very keen on his golf and on his teaching. He was well known and a very good player.

“His family is in deep shock and struggling to come to terms with it.

“I have phoned his wife and said I was sorry to hear the news and it was a very tragic thing that has happened.”

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