Pembroke Park Primary School, Salisbury, have just achieved their first green flag for Eco-Schools with support from the Vegetarian Society funding.

Last year, the school was the first in Wiltshire to become a recognised Forest School provider by the Forest School Association and they have now been recognised this for the second year.

Among about  949 green flag Eco-Schools nationally, only a handful are in the wider Salisbury area.

“The school began its Eco-Schools journey in September, 2014. After fulfilling the self-assessed criteria for the bronze and silver award, time was spent on making as many improvements as possible until this year, to feel ready to apply for a green flag award,” said Mrs S Ward, one of the teaching staff.

“Gill Hickman visited the school for an assessment.

“The school’s record of ‘eco achievements’ was second to none and made assessment an easy and pleasant task. There was much to be impressed by; for instance, the knowledge and understanding of some of the children was superb. The children’s log of plants on site was unusual, child-centred and totally exemplary,” she said.

“The Eco-committee worked hard and has had fantastic support from the rest of the school. They have come far in their eco-adventures, but there are many more plans and projects for improvement in the pipeline. Watch this space,” she added.

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