Everest ascent goes on despite doctors’ warnings

Foster carer Kerry Wilson, 53, Nick Jones, 50, and five others plan to climb Everest to raise funds for a new charity, Nick Jones Foundation for Bereaved Children. It was set up by Nick earlier this year after his terminal diagnosis of heart failure. His doctor told him he may not return.

Nick Jones (left) and Kerry Wilson are ready to take on Everest.

Nick has two children, aged 15 and 13, and set up the foundation as he believes not enough support is available for children who lose their parents. Sadly, Nick lost his mother at just 15 and his father a few years later.

Nick defies the odds and continues to work at three jobs. He is a funeral director, security guard and a doorman, mainly because his condition makes it difficult to sleep.

Kerry is a foster carer and works part-time as a therapeutic residential child care worker for  Five Rivers’ Avon House residential home in Salisbury. Five Rivers has donated £1,000 towards the expedition. Nick Jones Foundation has been offered use of its specialist clinicians to help the charity provide critical support services to bereaved children.

The new charity has already completed fundraising activities during the past few months.

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