The time has come for local electors to ditch party politics for good at the Dorset local elections on May 2, according to an independent candidate.

In a letter to Valley News, Lester Dibben, Independent candidate for Shaftesbury, wrote: “Locally, party politicians’ record is dismal: in Shaftesbury – from the ditching of the Point project and the council’s groundsmen’s unit with solar panels to support for the football club, the unfinished high street and selling off the cattle market supporting local farmers, with its free car parking, supporting our high street – to abandoning the joint Melbury Abbas & Cann and Shaftesbury Neighbourhood Plan and the proposed bowling club expansion to help serve our new residents.

“The cost of all this in money wasted is considerable. On top of all that STC has raised council tax by over £121,000 since 2015. Although overwhelmingly supported and adopted, no funding has been put in place for the Shaftesbury bypass for over 50 years. The traffic congestion on Christy’s Lane with the coming of the new Lidl supermarket will be that of a city not a rural market town and any candidate who thinks this will not create rat runs through the town needs to explain themselves publicly.

“The response of Shaftesbury’s town councillors to the clear public wish to keep the cattle market by first passing a resolution of support and then actively opposing it, by ignoring two town meetings and a town poll, means all the current batch of members should be rejected and replaced by independent members guided by voters at ward meetings.

“Do not be misled by the former ‘One Shaftesbury’ brigade who now claim no party politics by parading under the ‘Proud of Shaftesbury’ banner when they are mostly all Conservatives.

“Please find the time to vote on  May 2 – and remember the saying: ‘Beware the wolves in lambs clothing’.”

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