A developer trying to change at least 26 of the conditions imposed in a planning decision on a site in Warminster has met opposition from the town council.

Warminster Town Councillors voted on August 19 to ask Wiltshire Council to oppose the changes.

Planning permission was granted with a number of conditions, in June, 2018, for a care home and 45 bungalows as part of a “Continuing Care Retirement Community”.

Councillors maintain that the site is outside the town’s settlement framework boundary and not part of the neighbourhood plan, therefore development should only be allowed in exceptional circumstances.

The provision of specialist accommodation for older people may be an exceptional circumstance, but it was only the provision of a “Continuing Care Retirement Community” that allowed planning permission to be granted.

The bungalows were allowed on condition they were to be reserved solely for elderly residents over 65 in perpetuity, and incorporated detailed design elements geared to the needs of the elderly.

Part of the new application is to reduce the age of residents living in the bungalows from 65 to 55 years.

The councillors believe that 55 is too young an age for a continuing care community.

In the original decision, it was agreed the care home and bungalows had to be built at the same time. Now, the developer wants to change the planning conditions and councillors believe this could result in the care home not being built, and objections by residents were supported by the council.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Denis Brett said: “We are only an advisory committee, but we hope Wiltshire Council will pay attention to our views when they make a decision on this application. Town councillors are very frustrated that the planning process seems to be stacked in favour of the developer to the detriment of local communities.”

Details of the planning applications can be found on the Wiltshire Council website by searching for application numbers  9/06795/VAR and 19/07198/VAR.

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