On the last day of half term, in the midst of cooking lunch for a special ‘Fish & Chip’ Friday, a brief power cut in Mere knocked out the gas system in the school’s kitchen. The fish was ready to go in the oven, and the vegetables and chips prepared.

Despite British Gas arriving within 45 minutes, there were also still snacks to cook for KS2 break time. Mere Children’s Centre, located in the same building as the school, opened up their kitchens to help.

But as Mere School also cater for two other local schools, it was clear that more capacity was needed.

Luckily, school parents Mark and Sam Cassidy of the Walnut Tree Inn came to the rescue, using their kitchen to help. Headteacher Catriona Williamson, helped by a parents, delivered the uncooked food to the chefs at the Walnut, and returned 30 minutes later to collect it in Thermo Tubs.

Catriona Williamson said: “The schools we supply had no idea how much effort their lunch took to cook! We are incredibly grateful to everyone in the community who helped us at such short notice.”

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