Wiltshire College & University Centre has teamed up with FC Salisbury United and Pezzaz Street Soccer & Futsal Club to launch a Futsal Academy, starting in September.

Futsal, also known as fútsal or footsal, is a variant of association football played on a hard court, smaller than a football pitch, and mainly indoors, as a version of five-a-side football, with a smaller ball and emphasis on skill and technique.

The new Academy gives all sports and public services students studying at the Salisbury campus a unique opportunity to develop their knowledge and ability, playing and coaching futsal, having access to some of the best facilities within the South of England. To celebrate the partnership, the College hosted a Futsal tournament for current students at Five Rivers Health and Wellbeing Centre on Wednesday, March 27. Principal Amanda Burnside and Pezzaz Sports Ltd director Perry Cocking signed the deal before the final match.

Amanda said: “We are really excited by this new partnership with FC Salisbury United and the opportunity it opens up for students to engage in this fast-growing sport. It is a great development tool for learning football techniques and skills as well as a great sport in its own right.”

Futsal Academy students will benefit from technical and tactical training sessions twice a week, and weekly matches.

Students can also use a full strength and conditioning programme and have the chance to play for men’s and women’s’ team in the ECFA South West Futsal League, the FA People’s Cup and National Cup competition.

They could go on to represent FC Salisbury United at either development team or Super League level. High performers could attend England College’s trials and reflect their performances through the Sports mast video analysis programme used before and after matches to enhance their performances.

Dan Racey, Deputy Head of Department for Health & Life Sciences, at the College said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for our football and futsal players to train with a national super league coach and get a fantastic education.

“It is also a fantastic opportunity for the students work with and alongside local businesses which could offer future employment opportunities.”

More details: https://webapp.wiltshire.ac.uk/coursestng/Infosheet/18254 or go to Salisbury Open Event on Wednesday, April 3, from 5pm to 7pm.


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