New data show the residents of two cities in Northern Ireland, Derry and Belfast, take the most pride in their local area, with the lowest number of reports for littering in the UK, closely followed by Salisbury.

Of the cities studied, Bath is the worst UK city for littering, and Bath and North East Somerset council recently employed litter enforcement officers – otherwise known as “litter police” – to tackle the problem and clean-up the streets.

Southampton was named in the top five worst places for littering in the UK.

Brian Davenport, director of The Solar Centre, which conducted the survey, said: “Hopefully, with new fly-tipping penalties introduced in January, UK householders will be encouraged to dispose of waste responsibly, otherwise they could be faced with fines of up to £400.

The Solar Centre focuses on product innovation using the latest battery, LED and solar technology to ensures year-round reliability. It claims it supplies businesses and organisations of all sizes such as high street retailers, e-tailers, government departments, local and county councils, schools, colleges, universities, NGOs and charities.

View the results from the survey here, where you can also view other data such as air quality, in which Salisbury ranks 25.

At the start of April this year, major clean-up of Wiltshire’s town centres started after Wiltshire Council was given government funding.

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