A man was allegedly assaulted on North Street, Wilton, but the CCTV cameras in the area were not working.

From the start of June to mid-July, CCTV on North Street, Wilton “stopped recording,” Wilton Town council heard at its monthly meeting on August 7. The alleged assault took place during the switch-off period, on June 25 at 2.30pm.

Wiltshire Police requested CCTV footage from Wilton Town Council to help investigate the reported assault, but the council was unable to provide it due to the technical difficulty.

“The lack of recording wasn’t picked up until mid-July. The engineers have been out, and all are working properly now. The one above the bookmakers was the problem, but somehow it affected the other three cameras as well, and so none of them were working,” council clerk Catherine Purves told Valley News.

By Louie Kalvis

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