The continuing devastating impact of the attack on the Skripals and the death of Dawn Sturgess have given added poignancy and importance to a service of meditation at Salisbury Cathedral.

on Sunday July 15, from 3.30pm to 4pm.

Acting Dean Canon Edward Probert said: “Although this meditation was planned a long time ago, in the light of recent events it seems all the more important to find time to pause and take stock.

“With those who died so tragically in World War I, on Sunday we will also remember Dawn and her family, and pray for Charlie and the Skripals. The attack has had a devastating effect on all their lives and has impacted our whole community. In the quietness of this meditation I hope we will to find strength and resolve.”

Wherever Les Colombes has been exhibited, artist Michael Pendry s encouraged communities and individuals to fold their own doves, which he includes in current and future installations. Pendry’s doves have also been adopted by shops, businesses, schools and individuals, making and displaying them in their windows as a simple but powerful symbol of the city’s resilience and the hope of renewal.

Report by Fanny Charles

Photographs by Ash Mills

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