Wilton-based Burnbake Trust celebrated 50 years of service to the community with a dinner and dancing on Saturday, September 7.

Groups and friends gathered at the Michael Herbert Hall, Wilton, and sat at tables set up with white tablecloths and flowers. Linda Martin and Bridget Read had done a delicious spread of cold ham, coleslaw, rice salad and freshly made quiches, followed by profiterols and a choice of cakes. Jason from The Bear was behind the bar welcoming the guests.

Rita Maple, the Burnbake manager and her granddaughter Daisy were busy, all night, selling raffle tickets for a generous array of donated gifts. During and after the meal, guests were entertained with live music from duo Cat and Mouse, with classics from Johnny Cash to Buddy Holly classics . People took to the dance floor and filled the hall for the celebration.

Phil and Lorna

Former mayor and current town councillor Phil Matthews, also a Burnbake trustee, gave a heart-warming speech, thanking the Burnbake for all they have done for the community over the years since Jean Davies set it up.

It was a bonus to have at the evening Lorna Russell, daughter of Minty Russell, who worked closely with Jean setting up  painting workshops with prisoners. Lorna said she was happy to be there to toast the Burnbake in memory of her mother.

There was a fun ceremony while the raffle prizes were handed out, then the music started again and the party continued.

Linda Martin and Bridget Read

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