Salisbury resident Derrick Petty, from Stratford sub Castle, has won Wiltshire Air Ambulance’s Superdraw lottery.

He was walking on air after cashing in on the top prize of £25,000 in the charity’s Superdraw in January.

Life-long Salisbury resident Mr Petty, 79, originally from Wilton, said: “It’s my birthday later this month so winning the Superdraw is a good birthday present. It will come in handy and I shall be spending some of my winnings on improvements to my home.”

He added: “Wiltshire Air Ambulance does such a good job. The helicopter can get to incidents, such as road traffic collisions, quickly and its paramedics give critical care to people who are seriously injured or ill. You never know when it will be needed and by playing the Lottery and Superdraw I’m doing my bit to help the charity continue to save lives.”

Wiltshire Air Ambulance’s regular lottery players can join the Superdraw. The regular lottery has a top prize of £1,000 a week, but the Superdraw rolls over if there is no complete match, until it reaches a maximum prize of £25,000.

Since 2014, when the Superdraw was launched, 26 winners have scooped a total of £373,826.45.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance’s regular lottery costs £1 a week, and the Superdraw costs an extra £1 a week.

For more information about the charity’s Lottery and Superdraw, or to sign up online, go to

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