By Louie Kalvis

Estate agents in and around Salisbury were asked in July by Valley News for their views on the future of the housing market in the area. Of those contacted, the consensus was that property prices most likely will remain static for the rest of the year. When asked if more or less properties have been coming into the market, Tony Williams from Whites said: “We have definitely seen less properties coming to the market in the past two months.”

Bassets was asked for advice for first time buyers and those looking to sell. David Clayton responded: “First time buyers should be buying now as the market is not likely to drop, and could increase next year if the effects of Brexit are minimal. If vendors are looking to sell, they should only consider an agent with a local presence. When the market becomes tougher, it is local knowledge, and knowledge of all properties being marketed, that makes a difference.”

As the market for those buying and selling seems relatively stable, Joseph O’Neil from Hardings Estates was asked for his thoughts on the trends in the rental market. Joseph said: “The rental market has increased this year and will increase further when the tenant fee ban arrives.”

The tenant fee ban prevents tenants being charged for third party services organised by either agents or landlords, as well as ending administrative fees. Agents and landlords may choose to increase rent to circumvent their lost revenue.

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