A small group of volunteers, who include the bee campaigner Brigit Strawbridge, has taken responsibility for the planting and upkeep of the Queen Mother’s Garden at Shaftesbury.

Brigit, well known from the television series It’s Not Easy Being Green, said: “Our aim is to fill the borders and edges of the garden with flowers and shrubs to provide much needed forage for bees (bumblebees, solitary bees and honeybees) and other pollinators.  We hope the garden will become a sanctuary for people and wildlife alike.

“You may notice that the colour scheme includes many blues, violets, lilacs and purples. This is because bees see in ultra violet, so are more attracted to these hues. These also happen to be the colours the late Queen Mother was most fond of wearing.

“To help raise funds for more plants and bulbs, we plan (weather permitting) to hold the occasional low-key event in the garden, including bumblebee walks, picnics on the lawn, plant sales and yoga mornings. As we rely mostly upon volunteer help and donations this project will not happen overnight, so please bear with us whilst we find our feet!”

The planting so far includes: phacelia, hyssop, verbena bonerensis, foxgloves, lavender, thyme, marjoram, sage, nepeta, scabious, knapweed, cornflower, pulmonaria, bergamot, harebell, various campanulas, cosmos and sunflowers.

The project is supported by Shaftesbury Town Council.

If you would like to become a Friend of the Queen Mother’s Garden contact town councillor Karen Tippins karentippins@shaftesburytowncouncil.co.uk

Fanny Charles

Pictured is Brigit Strawbridge with Shaftesbury Town Council head groundsman Andy Dodd, at Queen Mother’s Garden.


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