A vital ambulance station closed because of the threat of being contaminated by NOVICHOK is still shut 10 months later.

Now, the ambulance station at Amesbury, Wiltshire, may be axed, according to a source close to Valley News.

A ‘standby point’ has been set up at Amesbury Fire Station where an ambulance can be parked.

The Ambulance Station was returned to the South Western Ambulance Station in June after ‘full decontamination’.

But it remained closed because ‘significant refurbishment’ was needed.

On Monday, the Ambulance Service admitted it is ‘currently reviewing’ its entire estate’ including the ‘condition and refurbishment requirements of each ambulance station.’

“This refurbishment work must be completed before Amesbury Ambulance Station can re-open.

“The work at Amesbury station will be included in the review,” said a spokesperson.

Many people think Amesbury Ambulance station will be essential in the coming years as the Ministry of Defence plans to bring thousands of troops back to Salisbury Plain to live.

Amesbury Mayor Margaret Strange said the town’s ambulance station was ‘extremely necessary because we are on the edge of the A303, one of the busiest highways in the country.’

“The response (time) to getting anywhere would be greatly increased. It would take much longer (to get there). We will investigate,” Mayor Strange added.

The ambulance staff, formerly based at Amesbury, is understood to have been relocated to Salisbury.

Amesbury ambulance station was shut last March after the poisoning of the Skripals.

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