By Jeni Bell

There’s a noticeable nip in the air now, a sure sign Autumn’s arrived.
It is a great time to think about getting your bird feeders in order, ready for the colder months when our feathered visitors rely on a bit of extra help.

A good variety of feeders and foods will help encourage a range of birds into your garden. Seed feeders will attract blue tits, great tits, and siskins. Half coconut shells filled with fat attract house sparrows, and ground feeders are great for thrushes, blackbirds and dunnocks.

It’s important to keep your feeders clean and tidy, preventing the spread of infections harmful to birds.

The start of Autumn is a great time to wash feeders with soapy water but be sure to rinse them well afterwards, and scrape tables clean of old food and droppings.

Dunnock. Picture by Jeni Bell

When feeding birds, don’t put out more food than is eaten, any excess feeds may attract vermin, and be sure to clean around the feeding area regularly to prevent any build-up of food and waste.

There’s no greater joy than welcoming beautiful birds into our gardens, and even better to know that you’re helping them thrive healthily in the colder conditions.

Jeni Bell is a wildlife writer and blogger based in Coombe Bissett.

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