Teacher Shaula Maitland from Mere, inspires children to meditate with her new book, Positive Panda.

Panda introduces children to meditation with a rhyming story, helping them to relax with breathing exercises and visualisations, before sharing 12 inspiring and uplifting journeys.

Shaula Maitland is an experienced Early Years and Primary Teacher with a degree in Education and Psychology.

“Over the years, I have taught many children feeling overwhelmed and anxious with low self-esteem,” said Shaula.

“Through developing my own meditation classes, I began to see how meditation could support children. The idea for Positive Panda was born.”

Dr Emily Crichton, a Chartered Educational Psychologist, said: “There is growing evidence that suggests mindfulness meditation has a positive impact on children’s social and emotional wellbeing.”

The book helps children meditate, with the support of a Panda, who offers a simple child-friendly explanation of what meditation is. He then shows breathing and stretching techniques.

“The ‘peace pauses’ also give children the opportunity to engage in the meditation at their own pace. I am delighted to recommend this book to the schools and families I work with.”

Positive Panda, with illustrations by Kat Stock, is Shaula’s first release and is suitable for children aged four years, plus. It is now available to buy on Amazon at £6.99.

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