Robin Rhind-Tutt 1941-2019 – a South Wiltshire man who became a legend in sidecarcross worldwide.

Charles Norman Rhind-Tutt (known as Rob or Robin) was born to Charles and Maggie (Petty) at Berwick St James in March 1941. He was their only child as his father (b.1917), a talented young aeroplane engineer, was killed in an air raid in Eastleigh six months before Robin was born.

Rob was often at home riding his bike or taking things apart to see how they work and rebuilding them in his own way.

It wasn’t long before Rob was noticed, and the bike perform-ed exceptionally well. People asking for replicas, including future British Motorcross champ Mike Guilford.

By mid 1960s, Rob was making his frames for solo scramblers and motorcross sidecars. By 1969, Norton engines started appearing in his Wasp frames.

Rob was working at Boscombe Down during the day, but at night he made his bikes, and the more he made the more competitions they won! Rob left in 1968 and. Wasp motorcycles was officially recognised in May, 1969. By 1971, Wasp was winning  European Sidecar championships.

Wasp outfits dominated sidecar racing. For 57 years Rob Rhind-Tutt left his mark as a legend in the world of sidecar cross as a true engineer. He built more than 5,000 frames, including solos, sidecars and quads the range of motorcycle sport and numerous bespoke projects.

Rob passed away peacefully on Wednesday 4th September 4, leaving Maureen, his wife of 25 years, his daughters and grandchildren.

He will be sadly missed by his friends and wider family, A celebration of his life was at Boscombe Down on Friday, September 27 at 2.30pm.

Contact Mark at Wasp on 01722 792827 or email Andy at

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