By Katrina ffiske

Ingrid Walker has a passion for creativity, art and design. At the moment, she is channeling this creative energy into knitting beautiful bespoke knitwear and accessories using high quality British wool and cotton.

Ingrid’s Gallery Boutique is in the artistic hub of Salisbury on North Street, a few minutes walk from Fisherton Mill and just around the corner from The Yard. The wide range of jumpers to choose from include crew neck, boat neck, or even an ‘Ingrid neck’, with straight sleeves or elegant puff sleeves. Necklines have an elegant corded finish, making the products unique.

Keen to promote ethical products Ingrid say: “I work with British Blue Face Masham Marble wool and local New Forest Gotland wool. I also use 100% merino wool, 100% cotton or silk is also available. Customers can choose what colour they would like from samples of yarn I have.”

Ingrid showed me how each jumper is knitted on-site. With patience and passion for what she does, Ingrid enjoys the time-consuming process.

“I think in this throw-away world, it is nice to treat ourselves to good quality clothes. I find people treasure and take care of garments I make for them because they know the time it has taken to create them. They have more respect for the clothing as it is almost a piece of art,” Ingrid said.

“I focus on the details and the technical side of getting the shape right for each individual.”

Invitation to share Summer Solstice

Behind all Ingrid’s work is a love for mother-nature, “I am passionate about the natural world around me and I encourage all women to come and celebrate their inner female goddess and buy themselves a jumper. Come and celebrate Summer Solstice with me on Friday June 21. I serve wine and cheese, or come for coffee on Saturday June 22.”

I highly recommend a visit to the gallery, which has its own creative energy. Plants are dotted around (Ingrid encourages everyone to have a least 10 plants in their house; they are “good for our minds”), beautiful artwork hangs on the walls and you cannot help but be tempted to try on and commission one of her stylish jumpers.

Ingrid’s Galley Boutique, 35 North Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP2 7SG. 07816 786 912.


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