By Luzia Barclay

“We were walking along the Avon and we noticed the abundance of blackberries ripening at the speed of light. As the days go by they become sweeter.”

“Blackberries are high in vitamin C, which makes important proteins, neurotransmitters and improves wound-healing. Blackberries also contain vitamin A and vitamin E.

“The high amount of betacarotine keeps our eyes and mucous lining in the body in a healthy state. A handful of blackberries a day is a great way to prevent ill health and to stay healthy. And they are free!

“They also have antioxidant properties counteracting the damage of free radicals. These free radicals can damage body cells, speed up the aging process and can lead to cancer and heart disease.

“The antioxidant effect of blackberries is due to anthocyanins. These help to overcome viral, bacterial and fungal infections and ease inflammatory processes.

“A plump and juicy blackberry is high in fibre, which helps improve digestion and supports our gut microbiota. It makes sense to me that the freshly- and locally-picked blackberries are superior to the ones bought in a shop.

“Is it true that we should not eat blackberries after October 10? The story goes that the devil spits on every bush that night. The fact is berries become watery and flavourless as soon as the night frosts appear.

“If you need a delicious free food that fastens loose teeth, eat plenty of blackberries. It’s their high amount of tannins that have this astringent effect.

“No wonder that blackberries were already eaten in Neolithic times. Their pips were found in the stomach of a stone age man.
“Please contact me with any questions you may have relating to this article.”

Luzia Barclay DBTh MIRCH Registered Medical Herbalist,, 07716 872 756 or 01722 330663

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