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Most people want to participate in a charitable cause but lack the means and motivation. A charity lottery aims at reaching this group of people by offering a juicy incentive.

What is a Charity Lottery?

A charity lottery is a game designed to raise unlimited funds for good causes and not commercial gain. They work by selling tickets to interested buyers. Each ticket gets you into a draw for prizes.  Part of the proceeds from the charity lotto ticket sales goes to the charitable cause while the rest is used to run the lottery.

Buyers can find tickets in the charity lottery’s website or through retailers.

How to Safely Play a Charity Lottery Online

Here are six tips to guide you when playing an online charity lottery.

1) Confirm That the Website is Secure

Purchasing your lotto ticket online will involve submitting sensitive financial information such as your debit card number. Ensure that the website has an SSL certificate. A locked padlock icon on the left-hand side of the web address is proof of the SSL certificate. It shows that the site is secure. And any information shared is safe from hackers.

2) Proper License

The gambling commission will properly license a legit charity lottery website. The license number should be on their website. Confirming that their license is operational is proof that they are a trusted organization. They will not make away with your hard-earned money or sell non-existent tickets.

3) Check That the Charity Supports a Cause You Believe in

The primary purpose behind playing a lottery is not winning but supporting a higher cause. The gambling commission expects that part of the ticket sale proceeds goes to good causes. Study the website for information on the organizations they support. Try and research on the organizations they claim to support and ensure they exist.

4) Ensure that it is legal to play Charity Lotto in Your State

Charity lottery is classified as gambling, and not every state allows it. Although you have the right intention of supporting a good cause, you do not want to perform an illegality. Check from the gambling commission if your state allows it, and confirm that you meet the age limit.

5) Look at the Prizes

As much as you are playing for a good cause, you ought to win something that will be useful to you. Most organizations will display their quick wins or mega raffle prizes on the website. In most cases, it could be cash prizes, vacations, automobiles, or electronics. Ensure that it is something you would enjoy.

6) Have Fun Playing

Nothing beats the anticipation of a possible win. A charity lotto is a game, don’t take it too seriously. Work within your budget. Focus on getting tickets with better odds but attractive prizes. For instance, regional games will have higher odds due to the smaller pool of players.

In Conclusion

Participating in charity lotto gives you the satisfaction of fulfilling a higher purpose. The possibility of a win adds to the excitement.

Ensure the online lottery you are using is legitimate and secure. It should support a cause that gives meaning to you, and the prizes should be motivating and relevant.


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