Newton Tony Primary School hosted its annual teddy bears picnic and summer fayre on a sunny July 11.

The event was organised by the Schools Council to raise funds towards forestry practice, a vital cause that encourages children to adventure outdoors and interact with nature, according to head teacher Ms Sheena Pristley.

“We are celebrating a successful year. Our children love being outdoors and it’s important to teach them practical skills and to be resourceful,” said Ms Pristley.

New pupils, and their families and teddies, starting in September were welcomed.  A mixture of activities kept them thoroughly entertained with a teddy bear tombola, raffle ‘throw a sponge at the teacher game’, cake sale, and other activities.

Rebecca Hudson recently relocated her children to the school. “We moved to this area five years ago. My husband is in the Army, so this is the perfect location to be based. The level of education here is outstanding and it’s a lovely village school and community. Noah my son is very happy and settled,” Rebecca said.

Ms Pristley told Valley News: “I’m looking forward to welcoming our new pupils in September and very sad to see our Year 6s depart. They have been a wonderful year.”

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