Miranda Sykes, acclaimed singer and bassist with ‘Show of Hands’ returns in 2019 with a new album and UK tour, and on Saturday, February 9, is at Winterslow Village Hall.

After a career spanning more than 20 years, during which time she played with many top musicians and singers in the folk world, she tours solo, as when she started: One woman, one bass, and one guitar.

Photo by Rex Preston

Building on the success of her Borrowed Places tour, Miranda is back with a completely new project: her new album ‘Behind The Wall’.

Where Borrowed Places opened a window into the past, explaining where she had been, physically and spiritually, Behind The Wall is a Roller Coaster Ride exploring where we are going; Miranda, you, me, all of us. What does it mean to be human today, living in our communities and societies and where will our actions lead us?

The show is powerful and hard-hitting but also poignant and beautiful.

Show 8pm. Tickets £12.

01980 862776 www.winterslowvillagehall.org.uk


Pictures by Rex Preston Photography

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