Reselected Labour parliamentary candidate for North Dorset Pat Osborne, second in the 2017 General Election, claims the community and country needs to ‘come back together.’

The North Dorset priorities should be to secure the region’s “fair share” of investment in the local economy, public transport and council housing, Pat stressed. He promised a Labour government would deliver this and said the community has proved to be capable of doing the rest.

“We have a lot going for us in North Dorset. Beautiful countryside, good farmland, an incredible sense of community, and more than our fair share of talented and enterprising people. But after almost a decade of Conservative and Lib Dem austerity, public services have been cut to the bone, house prices are beyond the reach of many local first-time buyers, and wages are typically lower locally than they are nationally,” he said.

“With fewer opportunities, many young people are moving away from towns and villages they grew up in to build a future elsewhere. This is a worrying trend that threatens the future sustainability of our communities.”

Pat Osborne says he is alarmed by the extreme stances taken by Lib Dems, Tories and Brexit Party members.

So that they are not overlooked and left behind, Pat believes someone with strong roots in the community and a stake in its future should be the voice for North Dorset in Westminster. He grew up in Gillingham and now lives in Blandford with his wife and young family and works as a Transformation Manager for a Dorset-based insurance company.

He said a key part of working with different groups of people is to do more listening than talking, which reflects his stance on Brexit. In 2016, he campaigned for Remain and has not changed his stance since.

“We have a very clear pro public vote position. But the country is divided. I have been increasingly alarmed about the extreme, deliberately divisive, stances taken by the Lib Dems on the remain side, as well as by the Brexit Party and some Tories on the leave side.”

He added that bringing the community together would be tough and made more difficult because of the “bad blood stirred up by the Lib Dems and a handful of Brexit extremists.”

“That’s why I believe that the people, rather than Westminster politicians, should have the final say on a Brexit withdrawal deal, and that Parliament should be bound to implement whatever decision the people make.”

On the topic of climate change, Pat called for a “total systemic change” that tackles big offenders first and supports ordinary people’s transition to a greener lifestyle; A systemic change that also develops publicly-owned green industries could enable profits to be reinvested for public good.

As an example, he said that even though people were aware of the long-term damage caused by petrol and diesel cars, “the world we live in doesn’t allow for meaningful changes overnight.”

“While we all have a personal responsibility to ourselves and future generations, it’s just not good enough for politicians to go on about the changes we need to make as individuals, as if that’s going to fix the mess.”

“That’s what Labour’s Green Industrial Revolution is all about, and that’s why I support it,” he emphasised

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