Umpires are to have separate changing rooms at a village cricket club – to save the girls’ blushes.

The problem is at 30-year-old Bishops Cannings Cricket Club, Wiltshire, which stages a lot of girl’s matches

But the umpires are always MEN.

It got so embarrassing that last season the umpires were forced to change in the ladies toilets.

Now Wiltshire Council planners have given the green light for the club to extend the pavilion to provide the separate facilities.

Yesterday Club chair Ed Davies said the umpires were banned from the changing rooms because the girls were using it.

”They (the umpires) had nowhere to change in an environment taken over by the ladies, so they had to have facilities of their own. The problem is the umpires are always male.

“Umpires have even been using the ladies toilet (to change). They (the girls) cannot change in the same environment as the umpires,” he stressed.

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