Valley News has received representations about the planning application for the Cathedral Close Christmas Market extension.

Total objections now number more than 80.

The application should have been called in by the local member under existing planning protocol. There has been no public consultation, no comment from Salisbury Chamber of Commerce and Business, no feasibility studies published. Is anyone prepared to demand a judicial; review if the officers, not the elected members decide in favour of the planning application under delegated powers?

The Christmas market project’s intention is to bring people into Salisbury to shop in the city centre to boost city centre trading. The Close market is likely to detract from that main aim by splitting the audience and spreading more thinly the numbers of buyers and amounts of money to be spent.

Answers are required, from elected council leaders Baroness Scott and Matthew Dean, to the questions:

Where will the extra customers come from?

Is there a marketing plan to market the market?

If so, who’s funding the advertising and promotion, and how wide an area will the promotion cover?

Who benefits, especially from the rental charges to stallholders?

What traffic controls will be in place in and around the Close?

Who pays the damage restitution and clean-up bill?

David Parker


Valley News

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