THE EUROPEAN UNION is in a mess, worse than the UK – living standards falling, economies near or on bankruptcy level, and civil disobedience raising its ugly head.

The Irish border should not be negotiated, or the open border ever questioned.

Import and export management, in and out of an EU country is their responsibility, not ours, and should not be part of our withdrawal disagreement.

The bureaucrats are just hoping to hang on to their RT Hon Jeremy Wright, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport jobs because they fear the EU will collapse once our finances and assets are withdrawn.

Why do we talk about deals? We are not selling or buying cars. We don’t use the Euro.

We went in and now we want out, resigning, withdrawing, as the Common Market European Economic Community has not lived up to expectations for many British people.

Why have the laws not been amended in the past two years instead of leaving it to the last two minutes?

Why can’t we have honest, down-to-Earth, experienced people becoming politicians – locally and nationally? Since we started paying MPs and local councillors a rather large salary doing jobs once done mainly by unpaid volunteers, we seem to have lowered politicians onto a slippery slope.

Charges of corruption and ‘milking the system’ abound, here in Britain and in Europe. Never has so much scorn and suspicion been poured on and levelled at politicians on the gravy train. Will it improve after Brexit? And will we take the opportunity to modernise the House of Lords and the electoral system?

Let’s hope so.

David Parker, Editor

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