As we Brexit morning, noon and night, soon we will Brenter a brave new world.

Did we get what we need, or want? Did the UKIP Farage forage into politics succeed for all, or any, of us?

Salisbury Valley News reader Jerry Wraith wrote: “About 45 or so years ago, Ted Heath, Conservative Prime Minister deliberately lied to the British people when he said ‘there would be no loss of sovereignty’ when we joined the EEC.”

“This was a most heinous lie considering the Conservative Party had already joined Monnet’s Action Committee for a United States of Europe, or was just about to. They were joined in this betrayal soon after by the Labour and Liberal parties.

“Since then, all three parties have deliberately deceived the British public by trying to give the impression that Westminster, and not the EU, governed the United Kingdom. William Hague’s 1999 election slogan, ‘in Europe, but not run by Europe’ was doubly duplicitous and manifestly untrue on two counts.

“The UK was clearly being run by the EU and it was not Europe that was running the UK but the EU. The EU was probably deliberately not mentioned to avoid drawing attention to it!

“Since Heath’s atrocious lie, the Conservative Party has maintained its policy of lies and deceit for more than 45 years. Theresa May is the continuation of this.

“The Conservative Party promised to honour the result of the referendum and to leave the EU, the customs union and the single market. Theresa May is clearly not complying with any of those promises.

“Despite her blatant betrayal of the majority vote in the referendum and their own manifesto our Conservative MP, John Glen, has repeatedly ignored letters demanding he write a letter of No Confidence in Theresa May. Hence the inference is that John Glen condones and accepts lies and deceit by his party leader.

“This is apparently true to form, as he was allegedly part of William Hague’s election team which dreamt up the untrue election slogan referred to above. Obviously, the Conservative Party (and Labour and Lib Dems) do not honour the commitments they make in their manifestos.

“In addition, and more insidiously, they have not revealed, for more than 45 years, their plans to make the UK a vassal state of the EU in their manifestos. Hence, it is fair to ask: ‘Is the Conservative Party fit for service?’

“As John Glen is apparently such an integral part of this process, is it also fair to ask: ‘Is John Glen fit for service?’ Hopefully, 28,191 people in the Salisbury constituency who voted for John Glen and the Conservatives in 2015 will ask the same question at the next General Election and never vote Conservative, Labour or Lib Dem again.”

Yours faithfully,
J G Wraith

As Magnus said on the brains TV show: “I’ve started, so I’ll finish.”
In the words of The Beatles: …”it’s a magical mystery tour.” No-one seems to know what the agreement actually encompasses – not even those who are negotiating the deal.


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