The dog friendly café in Wilton – is excited to announce the arrival of a pop-up flea market at its premises in North Street, Wilton on Wednesday, August 7.

Working in collaboration with Old Sarum Furniture, the first pop-up will focus on pre-loved pictures, paintings and mirrors.

Debbie Thompson, owner of Old Sarum Furniture, (pictured) explains the event: “I have been dealing with collectables and antiques for the past decade. I love the stories attached to the pieces I have found.”

“The idea that these pieces have played a part in family life for generations intrigues me: to be able, then, to see the items go into new families to become new memories is exciting.

Debbie Thompson, owner of Old Sarum Furniture

“To think of all the faces that have gazed into the mirrors I have, and the stories of those people is the reason I love my job. To be able to display these pieces at a venue like Monty and Mabel’s is very exciting, and with pieces starting as low as £10, there will be something for everyone.”

Owner of Monty and Mabel’s Sam James said: “Maybe the idea of a flea market in a dog friendly cafe could be misunderstood, but I can guarantee that the only ‘fleas’ this refers to, are Debbie’s wonderful selection of pieces! The cafe will be open for the market, hot and cold drinks and cakes, on the day and as always, dog are welcome.”

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