Congratulations to Café Diwali! Rasheed and his team won the Asian Curry Award 2018 for the Best Casual Dining Award.

“We were nominated by the public,” Sheila, the manager said. “And we want to thank all the customers who took the time to nominate us. There were mystery diners who came from the Asian Curry Award, so we obviously never knew who they were.”

“We were very surprised as we thought we hadn’t won anything,” Rasheed added. “We were up against high-end restaurants in London, so it is a boost to our staff, and the whole team is pleased.”
Customers say they love going to Café Diwali, not only for the delicious food but for the atmosphere as well.

“We try to make people as welcome as possible and have a relaxed atmosphere,” Rasheed said. “People come in and chat with each other. The staff treat customers as friends.”
The Café Diwali has a lunch-time menu and an evening menu. Dosas and kebabs are a lunchtime speciality, but in the evening there are curries and biryanis, all served on traditional Indian silver platters and bowls.

“Our food is sourced locally from good trusted suppliers,” Rasheed stressed. “We have a set Christmas Menu to December 31.”

Café Diwali has been refurbished with warm colours and beautiful artwork painted directly on the walls and vibrant Indian wall hangings create cosy corners. “We had to close down during the refurbishment, but we are now back to normal opening hours and ready to open the doors to customers.”

90 Crane Street, SP1 2QD
01722 329 700

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