Now the new life begins. At around 8.30pm on Saturday, May 18, the final chick hatched in Salisbury Cathedral Tower. It struggling from of its shell while the other chicks born May 15, 16 and 17, were being fed. The last time four chicks successfully hatched on the Tower was in 2015.

After the Antiques Road Show 2019 visit, Clerk of Works, Gary Price, suggested informally naming the peregrine adults Fiona and Bruce – a suggestion been taken up. The pair will keep the names as long as they are with their chicks on the Tower but neither have been ringed, so their future may not be written..

If all goes well, the chicks will be ringed in early June. Cathedral staff have ringed 11 chicks to-date, including an orphaned chick raised by Sally (formerly resident female) in 2017. In the same year both adults Sally (Blue ring SY) and Sebastian (blue ring SN were ringed), and Sally was fitted with a GPS tracking device.

Latest report from her tracker shows her out and about near Martin Down Nature Reserve . Earlier this month, she visited the Tower, to harass the nest but no sight of her around the Tower since, although she still represents a potential risk to the chicks.

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