Ersoy Kacmaz (left), Mayor Mike Osment, Suna Walker

A new restaurant opened in Fisherton Street, Salisbury on Monday, November 12.

More than 100 guests attended the opening of Lalahan, including special guests city councillor Atiqul Hoque, Cllr Amanda Foster and Mayor Mike Osment.

The mayor cut the ribbon watched by a crowd outside the newly-decorated restaurant, formerly called Eastern Chillout.

Guests were treated to a free open buffet as a taste of what’s to come.

Cllr Hoque said: ‘It’s fantastic to see new diverse businesses taking an interest in Salisbury, despite what we went through. Salisbury is certainly open for business, I wish them all the very best.”

Lalahan’s new owners Suna Walker and Ersoy Kacmaz look forward to the challenge of bringing a new experience to Fisherton Street.

Suna has worked in the customer services and hospitality industry for the past 18 years, including front of house waitressing in a London restaurant and as a belly dancer at a well-known local Lebanese restaurant.

Fisherton Street welcomes Lalahan, as the Mayor Mike Osment cuts the ribbon.

Ersoy grew up in eastern Turkey and was a chef at a famous London restaurant for 16 years.

He manages the kitchen, and Suna is in front of house.

They said: “ We are already enjoying being part of the restaurant community here. One restaurant was fully booked the other evening and their custom came to us: competition is good, it’s why we are here.

“We like people to go away on full stomach, so our portion sizes are very generous and we are always happy for customers to take a goody bag away.

“Our meats are freshly charcoal-grilled, giving them a flavour unique to our restaurant. The restaurant has Moroccan furniture, shabby chic, Ottoman style, and the walls are painted with pictures of places in Turkey.

“We really have made a big effort to bring something new to this already popular street, a chance to experience a small piece of authentic Turkey in Salisbury.”

Kleftiko is a special dish on the menu Ersoy is hoping to make famous in Salisbury.

To know more pop in and ask for a copy of their menu, Suna is very welcoming and sure to be of help.

Lalahan is at, 99 Fisherton Street Salisbury, SP2 7SP, 01722 333305.

Photography by Harvey Bince,  

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