The prestigious Hickstead 2018 Dressage Masters Championships were run at the end of June. My class, the hotly contested Prix St Georges (PSG) was on a Friday, the same day as my last A Level. The huge class started in the morning and ran until 4.45pm.

Hickstead agreed to let Tiny and me compete last in the class to give us as much time as possible to finish the A Level and then get in the car to drive down to Hickstead. I felt funny going into the A Level knowing the PSG class had already started. Anyway, we made it. I hadn’t ridden for three weeks because of A Levels, and local top rider, Hannah Biggs had been riding Tiny to keep him fit and supple.

Tiny was on fire, and I knew as we cantered down that first centre line into halt he was excited to be back out competing. He was so expressive and gave me everything (including a squeal of delight in the extended canter, which luckily the three judges didn’t hear – in fact, one judge gave us our first ever perfect score of 10 for that canter). This is a horse of a lifetime: last in, so little practice, and he gave me everything. We won! So Tiny Tempur is the 2018 Dressage Masters Champion. We also won the Under 25 Award.

The thing about competing is that, so often, some little thing, mistake or just a moment of distraction causes a drop in marks. So, I’ve learned to enjoy those moments when everything goes right and to celebrate them. They don’t happen every day!

Angus is 18, passionate about dressage and is on the Olympic Pathway. He was on the Silver Medal winning European Nations Cup team for 2017 and was a reserve for the 2017 European Championship Team and on the 2018 shortlist. He has two horses -Tiny Tempur (“TINY”) and Jack Johnson (Jacob).

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