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Winter is hitting hard on all of us, and we are just waiting for the weather to get a bit warmer so we can get outdoors to check how nature is dealing with the season. But if you are the type of person that can’t stop no matter what the time and weather is, then you should definitely check the many places to visit in Salisbury. Let yourself feel as a tourist in your own place of birth and get inspired by the medieval construction and scenario that you can only see around here.

We prepared the top 3 stops that you should definitely visit. Full of history, the importance of those places aren’t to be measured. Get your coat and go:



  1. Salisbury Cathedral:
    The construction of the cathedral was finished in 1266. Can you imagine? This spot is one of the most visited religious sites in England. The architecture is a combination of bright colors and dark marble, causing a harmonious contrast, making the place more unique than it already is, if this is possible. Besides visiting the interior of the cathedral, you can also visit the tower and get nice views from there.
  2. Old Sarum:
    We could give you one historical moment to show you how important this place is, but it would be impossible to choose. Romans, Saxons and William the Conqueror wandered (and added a lot to our history) in those lands. The place has been there since the Iron Age.
    It’s a great place to visit when the weather is giving a break and the sun is shining blue.
  3. Wilton House
    Created after the fire at Tudor’s house, the construction was finished in 1653. The whole place is amazing but the most interesting room is the Double Cube Room due to it’s paintings, the golden decoration and the stunning painted ceiling.


If you are in the mood for an in-house activity, we prepared some ideas to make your home a bit more exciting. At least let’s make winter serve to exercise your brain a bit more. Also, it is a very good moment to invite your friends home and to prepare funny activities with them. From watching Netflix to playing games, you can think of any activity that can engage everyone.

Here are our suggestions:

  1. Poker
    A game night is always a good idea. Even if you are a bad player, playing poker can be at the same time exciting and defying. The outcomes are not only based on how the value of your own hand, but also on how badly you know your opponents. The only thing you should be worried about is to play the best of your ability in every session.


  1. Cocktail workshop
    How much fun would it be to have a cocktail workshop with your friends? You can theme the session by type of drinks, by the origin of the drinks or by doing the ones you and your friends like the most. There are even ways of getting a class at home! For sure a good investment to last to all the holidays seasons of your life.


  1. Streaming TV shows and series
    It might seem a cliché, but the truth is probably all of us are already addicted to some sitcom or series. But instead of just watching it with your friends, why not making a get together to watch something none of you would ever watch? It might surprise you and might give the algorithm a need to reboot. Imagine choosing a series or a movie from a country you barely have heard about? It could open up your mind!


No matter what is your perfect way to spend the winter: indoors or outdoors. Just focus on enjoying your time in your city, with your friends and family. There is no better way to get warm. It is time to feel cozy in all ways!

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