The UK’s ultimate tribute to the King of Pop is coming to Salisbury in February as 2019 marks 10 years since the death of Michael Jackson.

Ben Bowman, playing Michael Jackson, is on a UK tour celebrating the life and work of arguably one of the most popular and influential entertainers in the world.

Ben looks and sounds like Michael Jackson, and his routine is so impeccable audiences could believe they are watching their hero.

Speaking about the show and his hero, Ben said: “I was always enchanted by how people reacted to Michael, the way they screamed and became hysterical. I love that we, as a team, can provoke that kind of reaction from a crowd.”

With a live band, costumes dance routines, the show is claimed to be the most authentic, lively and powerful re-creation of the superstar .

Michael, starring Ben, features the greatest hits of Michael Jackson and  The Jackson 5, including Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean, Man In The Mirror, and many more.

Salisbury City Hall, Saturday, February 16.

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