By Sue Anslow

At the Salisbury City Hall concert ‘Some Guys Have All The Luck  – The Rod Stewart Story’, on February 8, we were pleasantly surprised.

We had great seats near the front so had a clear view. First impressions were that the band was beautifully dressed in suits and ties, and Rod himself was in black trousers and white jacket, also wearing the trademark sunglasses, leopard skin towel to mop his brow, very professional looking, and – to coin Rod Stewart’s phrase – ‘very dapper!’

He looked just like Rod Stewart but the voice was what we were all waiting for, and he certainly delivered. He sang the different songs brilliantly, had the walk and gestures, such as throwing his head back, just like the real Rod Stewart.

He was smiling all through, as if he really wanted to be there and was thoroughly enjoying himself and entertaining. He engaged with the audience and included the band in a professional way. Each member had a solo piece and the guitarist and saxophone player were worth seeing just on their own: amazing artists.

The sound was excellent and they each made their instruments sing. They were all energetic and it was visibly plain they all got on well together.

He told the story of Rod Stewart’s life through video in the background’ and talked through the different stages of Rod Stewarts career. The story was well presented and was full of information and pictures, too.

Rod had at least four changes of outfits, which pleased the audience, starting with a silver/grey suit and then black trousers and a leopard-skin jacket (so typical of Rod Stewart), finishing with a tartan suit, scarf and flag. The audience loved it and it just made the whole evening a success. The band had one change of black trousers and black T-shirts, very smart.

During the song ‘Sailing’, the audience switched on lights on their mobile phones and were waving them backwards and forwards, which was a sight to see. People were dancing at the front and in the isles, on and off all evening. At one point Rod sat on the edge of the stage, with his feet dangling, singing ‘Tonight’s The Night’ which was just lovely.

All in all, the evening was a great success, music and presentation, relaxed evening, professional musicians, and of course, an excellent sound and very entertaining lookalike Rod Stewart.

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