The Ocean Film Festival World Tour has a night of captivating ocean films showing in Salisbury this autumn, at City Hall on September 24.

From wild Arctic waters to Mexico’s spectacular sinkholes, this collection of new ocean-themed films will take audiences on a mesmerising journey to some of the least-explored depths of the planet!

Come nose to nose with incredible marine life and meet the intriguing characters who have dedicated their lives to the big blue – all from the comfort of a cinema seat.


I am Fragile – Polar bear (Ursus maritimus) trying to catch a prey between the melting pack ice, in Nunavut, north of Canada, Lancaster Sound, during summer 2017, North America.

I am Fragile shows the spectacular landscapes and wildlife of the remote Arctic. Shot across 6,000km, from West Greenland to Canada.

A Peace Within – Philip Gray

Peace Within joins Philip as he ventures below the surface to paint Mexico’s astounding cenotes – clear-water subterranean pools, viewed by the ancient Mayans as gateways to the afterlife.

Surfer Dan

Landlocked ocean-lover Dan Schetter lives on the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan where, in winter, strong winds across the water create deadly currents, icebergs and… waves.

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