Ride icy waves in sub zero winter, chase tornados and mountain bike into the wildest reaches of the imagination.

The Kendal Mountain Festival Tour is in Salisbury for a night of adventure films and a talk from the queen of adventure Anna McNuff.

On March 13, Salisbury Arts Centre stages a one-of-a-kind evening celebrating exploration of some of the wildest places on Earth on the big screen –  visual stories of talent, endurance and excitement to take your breath away!

British adventurer Anna McNuff shares stories from her explorations. Co-founder of Adventure Queens, the UK’s fastest growing women’s adventure community, Anna’s major journeys include cycling a beautiful pink bicycle through every state of the USA, running the length of New Zealand, and exploring the peaks and passes of The Andes mountains –in which she ascended the equivalent to 11 times the height of Everest on a bicycle.

The evening is presented by Festival Director Steve Scott.

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