Final display for Beaumont Gallery

The fine art exhibition Stories in Art will show the work of five artists operating in the South of England from Friday, October 19, to Sunday, November 11.

Diverse creative styles and chosen media are available for viewing at the Beaumont Gallery in Mere, Warminster, for free.

Artists Andrew Walworth, Eliza Parker, Jitka Palmer, Maaike Pope Zurcher and Aliceson Carter all tell different stories through their art.

Andrew Walworth who grew up in Mere, won the Williamsburg Oil Painting prize in 2014 and is the one curating the varied exhibition.

“My pieces are portrait-based expressions of remembrances of people I have known and loved.”

The Beaumont Gallery is open Wednesday to Sunday 10am-4pm, or by appointment at any other time.

Admission is free and refreshments are available.

Monica – Andrew Walworth

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