On April 13, two choral works will resonate in Salisbury Cathedral. Salisbury Musical Society Singers, conducted by David Halls, performs Mozart’s C Minor Mass (the Great) and a Bach Cantata, accompanied by London-based Chelsea Opera Group Orchestra, and four soloists.

The Cantata was written in 1714 (one of 265 by Bach) for Palm Sunday, and the cantata celebrates Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Mozart’s Mass in C minor was one of only a few sacred choral works Mozart wrote after leaving his home town of Salzburg, and is one of the greatest choral works of all time from a singer’s point of view.

It was written in 1782 , the year of Mozart’s marriage to Constanze Weber, August 4, in St Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna. After a difficult time trying to overcome his father’s objections to the marriage, Mozart had vowed to write a mass, both to appease his father and as a thank-offering for Constanze.

Performance begins at 7.30pm and tickets are available ONLINE www.salisburymusicalsociety.org.uk (£10-£25).  Tickets are also available at the door when Under 19s can get FREE unreserved tickets.

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